Our world is turning upside down. Whatever profession you are in, whatever sector you work – behavioural change is now a key contributor to success.

Changing a culture means changing the way people behave.

Companies now no longer want to spend large amounts of time and resources developing reinventing competencies. There business process is moving faster than it has done before. They want a quick, simple and precise way to define a change in culture and the behaviours which will deliver that culture. Values are important but vague. To be flexible and adaptable to the change the ability to refocus and redirect behaviours is critical.

At 3L Life Long Learning we have developed a product called Performance+. At its core is the ability to change behaviour. It can take you through the whole behavioural change process and give you evidence of the increase in performance within a minimum of 6 months.

Performance+ will accelerate the delivery of your business strategy

behavioural change
  • Link business strategy to individual, team and organisational performance
  • Identify the key behaviours, roles and tasks which will deliver the successful implementation of a business strategy
  • Establish the expected standards of performance to be achieved when delivering those tasks
  • Highlight the patterns of behaviour displayed by exemplary performers and demystifies what makes them exemplary
  • Replicate those patterns throughout the team to unleash potential and enable best performance to be demonstrated by the many rather than the few
  • Devise leading edge developmental methods, techniques and opportunities to disseminate best practice
  • Ensure that the organisation as a whole has the ability to embrace the learning so that it results in increased performance and a calculated return on investment

Whether you area of concern is;

  • Sales; and a desire to change the behaviour and performance of the sales team
  • Leadership; ensuring leadership is effective and the “walk and talk” are consist in delivering the business strategy
  • Culture; from values through to behaviours
  • Performance; from under capacity to shared exemplary
  • Talent enhancement; tapping into the full performance potential of your people

Behaviours deliver the best business results when they and the context are aligned. Performance+ puts both the context and the behaviours under the microscope to enable human potential and accelerate individual, team and organisational performance.

Performance+ is uniquely underpinned by both the Learning Transfer Systems Inventory™, to ensure learning is transferred, and the TransferLogix™ system which builds on global best practice in learning in organisations.

Through our Strategic Leadership Development tool we use a Leadership framework (the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis) of 22 leadership behaviours to focus on which are the key ones to deliver the business strategy.

Using the 360 degree Leadership Effectiveness Analysis® we can identify the gaps between the Strategic behaviours and existing leadership practices and focus resources on delivering those behaviours which impact on the business strategy.

In establishing what exemplars do we explore what specific behaviours they use to accelerate.

At this stage we evaluate whether there has been a change in performance following the learning intervention.