Behaviours and human factors are widely recognised as having an important effect on accident causation and accident.

A different approach is required to encourage further improvement. This next step involves taking action to ensure that the behaviours of people at all levels within the organisation are consistent with an improving safety culture.

A practical guide for behavioural change in the UK oil and gas industry
by Step Change

performance at work

Finding an integrated approach which engages all the stakeholders in a learning cycle has been the quest of a global expert in learning transfer, Prof. Ed Holton. Integrating all the factors which enable a person to transfer their learning, change their behaviour and increase their performance has been part of his research for the past 15 years. The Learning Transfer Systems Inventory® and the Transferlogix process® are now becoming an essential part in the organisations toolbox to ensure that learning results in a change in behaviour and an increase in performance.

Companies continue to use the training route to raise awareness of health and safety, even though it is well researched that only 10% to 30% of learning is transferred into performance. Accessing the 70% – 90% is a matter of managing the learning transfer process – it’s not costly and merely requires alignment and focus.

Validated research done by Prof. Ed Holton suggests that there are only three reasons why learning doesn’t result in increased performance at work;

  1. Individual’s capability or motivation
  2. The integration of the line management and the alignment of learning providers
  3. Organisations capacity to assess and evaluate the learning to realise the added value

15 years research and validated in 24 countries has shown the consistency of the LTSI’s 16 enablers to learning transfer. The 16 enablers can either be enablers or barriers – either switched on or switched off. LTSglobal works with the 16 enablers of the Learning Transfer Systems Inventory® to ensure that the adhesion results and ensures that learning transfers into performance.