The Learning Transfer System is a quality improvement system which enables companies to engage all the stakeholders in people performance and establish the level of fertility in the company to ensure learning sticks.

performance indicators

To ensure that learning has adhesion and returns more than the 10 – 30% of traditional learning interventions the whole of the learning process has to be integrated and managed.

traditional learning transfer

To ensure that learning is transferred into performance with a potential gain of between 70% – 90% the Transferlogix® process is built on researched global best practice. The system also calculates the added value with a return on investment indicator.

The Transferlogix® process ensures alignment and sustained performance;

  • Aligns the health and safety/businesses strategy to performance/behavioural change ensuring consistency and cohesion
  • Engages and involves the line, pre and post programme, to ensure commitment and alignment with learning and to measure the change in behavioural change/performance level
  • Deals with the process of learning not just a focus on a learning event. It’s not just a one off evaluation rather it enables interventions to take place at each key stage in the learning process
  • Provides a process for continuous improvement, where learning is continuously tracked to ensure adhesion in the company, rather than just a post mortem of a learning intervention
  • Establishes what a person has to do to transfer their learning into performance
  • Focuses on the 16 validated performance indicators across 24 countries which ensure learning is transferred into performance
  • Gives HS the evidence based data to monitor whether the stakeholders in the learning process are engaged and supporting behavioural change with performance enhancement
  • Provides CEs and HS with the ability to monitor the performance indicators of learning transfer and the learning culture of the company
  • Ensures the designers of learning interventions use behavioural/performance based criteria as well as knowledge and attitude change
  • Evaluates the change in performance and the impact on the learning culture in the company within a minimum of six months
  • Calculates a return on investment to show added value
  • Wraps around your existing systems and integrates the whole process cutting administration
  • Supports individual learners to be empowered achievers

And more importantly

People might now feel truly supported, appreciated and valued—they might feel like they are now helping shape the success of the business. And when that happens, just imagine how the business would grow.