Large amounts of money is being invested in leadership development already, and according to only one third of leaders and HR professionals rated their leadership programmes as highly effective.

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The unique combination of global leading edge diagnostics provide the complete leadership development process.

The Strategic Directions® process defines where you want to be, describes where you are now, designs programmes to bridge the gap, drives and embeds leadership and ensures an increase in performance which added values.

The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ 360 degree report which uses 22 leadership behaviours to define and describe leadership.

Tailor made Group Leadership Developmental initiatives which are designed to bridge the gap between where you want your leadership to be to deliver business success and how your current leadership is behaving.

We use the Learning Transfer Systems Inventory® to assess the learning culture, the degree of support of stakeholders and the drive for performance in the company.

The Transferlogix® process ensures that learning is transferred into performance, the change in the learning culture is measured, the whole leadership learning process is evaluated and a return on investment figure is calculated.