SLD Brochure
Strategic Leadership Development™ (SLD) provides organisations with the tangible evidence that there is a connection between leadership practices and organisational performance.

The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis and the Strategic Leadership Development process use one model of leadership based on 22 behaviors.

Strategic Leadership Development

  • Defines a multi-step process designed for organizations committed to successful change
  • Supports a leadership model based on 35 years of research and more than 500,000 assessment based profiles of real leaders
  • Focuses development on organizational needs and aligns leadership behaviour with the organisation’s strategy
  • Provides flexibility, allowing the organisation to begin where the need is greatest and proceed at it’s own pace

The Strategic Leadership Development process starts with a questionnaire which involves and engages those who are credible to contribute to the answer – What are the key leadership behaviours which will deliver future business success in this organisation?

strategic directions

Unlike large competency studies we can deliver a competency analysis in one week. The SLD questionnaire takes 20 minutes to complete and followed by a facilitated meeting to feedback the results. The whole process can take one week to complete.

The whole Strategic Leadership process from defining to driving and embedding can take a minimum of six months to complete. Within six months you will have evidence that your business strategy is being delivered. Learning Driven Performance is being embedded. The process is integrated; web based and from beginning to end, involves and engages key stakeholders, assesses the support and level of commitment to ensuring learning is transferred into performance and evaluates the behavioural change with a return on investment calculation.

Once you have defined where you want to be the next part of the process is to describe how near or far you are away from that state.