business peopleLeadership Group Development. Designed Solutions: interventions which bridge the gap between the future and the present leadership capabilities.

We offer a tailor made development solutions which will support individual and team development.

Each person who undertakes the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis is given a confidential one to one coaching session to establish a tailor made personal leadership development plan.

When a team have used the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis® we can focus resources on a team development solution. Whilst the individual Leadership Effectiveness Analysis® is confidential to the individual, the team and the company will receive a Composite Leadership Profile of each of the groups.

The gap between the Strategic Directions future leadership, and the existing leadership practices, is shown in a composite 360 degree LEA report and enables companies to focus on the design of resource focussed developmental interventions.

Resources are focussed on programmes which turbo boost the delivery of the business strategy.

  • Creating a Vision
    • Defining your approach to change and managing the process
    • Your innovation strategy
    • Creating a passion for your vision
    • Tools for analysis and scanning
    • Strategic v operational focus
  • Developing Followers- Personal Influence and Impact
    • Establishing effective relationships
    • Persuading people to do what they want to do
    • Encouraging engagement and buy in to change
    • Influencing Strategies; matching your communication to the learner
    • Assessing your emotional intelligence
    • How to use your emotions effectively
    • Understanding other peoples behaviour and why they behave like they do
  • Getting things done and Achieving Results – Coaching for High Performance
    • Setting high standards of performance
    • Understanding how people learn
    • Aligning your leadership to the learner
    • Adopting an approach which engages and involves.
    • Gaining commitment
    • Ensuring learning delivers performance
  • Team working
    • Managing and influencing upwards
    • Balancing loyalty and self achievement
    • Gaining commitment and consensus
    • Having emotional connectivity
    • Giving, taking and sharing

Mary Broad in her research on adult learning transfer states that only 10% – 30% of learning is transferred into performance. Each programme uses the Learning Transfer Systems Inventory® to ensure learning is transferred into performance and people actually deliver a performance change. The organisations culture to support learning transfer is assessed and an evaluation of the impact on performance is provided using the Transferlogix® process.

The LTSI has been validated in 24 countries and focuses on the 16 factors which enable people to transfer their learning into performance.