With the LTSI® we can do;

  • A cultural audit of the company to establish whether the enablers and barriers to learning transfer are switched on to ensure swift implementation of the business strategy
  • An assessment of a pilot programme to ensure that future roll out adds significant value
  • Assessment of a training intervention to ensure adhesion
  • Assessment of a modular programme to ensure that the commitment to transfer learning into performance is maintained over time.

The Transferlogix™ process enables you to;

  • Align the businesses strategy to performance/behavioural change ensuring consistency and cohesion and implementation of the business strategy.
  • Engages and involves the line, pre and post programme, to ensure commitment and alignment with learning and to measure the change in behavioural change/performance level
  • Deals with the process of learning not just a focus on a learning event. It’s not just a one off evaluation rather it enables interventions to take place at each key stage in the learning process
  • Ensures that stakeholders in the learning process are responsible and accountable for ensuring learning is transferred into performance
  • Provides a process for continuous improvement, where learning is continuously tracked to ensure adhesion in the company, rather than just a post mortem of a learning intervention
  • Establishes what a person has to do to transfer their learning into performance and what are the enablers and barriers are to enable them to become empowered achievers
  • Focuses on the 16 validated performance indicators across 24 countries which ensure learning is transferred into performance
  • Provides CEs and HR with the data to monitor the performance indicators of learning transfer and the enablers and barriers to performance in the culture of the company
  • Ensures the designers of learning interventions use behavioural/performance based criteria as well as knowledge and attitude change.
  • Evaluates the change in performance and the impact on the learning culture in the company with a calculated return on investment to show added value
  • Wraps around your existing systems and integrates the whole process.

Transferlogix® offers a web based and seamless delivery of the whole learning process and provides an indication of the added value of your learning interventions. It wraps around your existing systems and integrates your documentation saving you time spent on administration and collating information.

A case study of Dale Carnegie in the States shows a return on investment calculation of 187.5%.

It makes sure that the 70% – 90% potential transfer of learning into performance is delivered.

Where companies have their own list of behaviours/competencies we can simply place the behaviours into the TLX process.

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