business man with big bootsWhy might you need Life Coaching.

You may have been promoted and want to gain clarity about your leadership, your new role and the expectations placed on you.

  • Clarity about expectations is critical in the first 90 days of any new role
  • The ability to understand your own leadership behavioural preferences and match that against what the role demands and what people expect is critical in performing at a higher level.

You may need to be even more effective in leading.

  • You are successful and you may need to review your strategy for change since what you are being expected to do may be very challenging and a new experience outside of your comfort zone.
  • You may need to review your leadership behaviour to ensure it fits with your Vision and your and your organisations change strategy

You may want a consistent and congruent approach to your leadership which is more authentic to yourself and your changing situation.

  • It may be your personal power which is now key to delivery
  • There may no longer be hiding places. People may be watching and listening to all of your actions and comments
  • You may be successful and are about to take the next step and it may not be too comfortable;

You may need to develop your personal authority to gain the buy in from your people.

  • You may need to develop an engagement strategy for delivering results.
  • Your functional skills may have taken you to your current level and to get to the next level it’s your capability to engage people that are the key to delivery.

You may need time to review your career

  • You may want to move on to the next stage
  • When you no longer want to climb a ladder but create a lattice

You want more control over your future

  • You may have had a vocation but now your career has just become a job
  • You may not sure you are on the right track
  • You may be being encouraged to go down a career track which you aren’t certain about
  • You may be expected to do everything and want to review where you’re going; what are your assets and liabilities.

You want to be more satisfied in the work you do.

  • You may be spreading yourself so thinly that there is not the satisfaction in your work
  • You want a better balance to your life.
  • When you have reached the point that your technical skills have given you the lift up the ladder but your people skills will now be put to the test

We start with a non judgemental approach and DESCRIBE your existing leadership practices.

It is one thing to receive feedback on how observers view the behaviours a leader exhibits in his or her role.

We believe that success is most readily achieved when people are engaged and energised in their worlds.