We start with a non judgemental approach and DESCRIBE your existing leadership practices.

The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis® 360 degree report describes your behaviour without making any judgements.

Leadership behaviours have a context; leadership is complex and needs to be viewed through four filters:

  • Organization (for both Organisation and Role we have Best Practice reports to benchmark your behaviour against sector and role)
  • Role
  • Situation
  • Individual

The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis® will enable you to obtain confidential feedback on 22 leadership behaviours enabling you to describe, explore and challenge.

  • your self perception of your Leadership in their current situation
  • peer perception of how you are using your political acumen to influence, persuade and engage people whom they have no executive authority over
  • direct reports – how you are leading those with whom you have executive authority
  • Following one to one confidential feedback you will have a crafted tailor made development programme to become even more effective in leading