It is one thing to receive feedback on how observers view the behaviours a leader exhibits in his or her role. It is another to get feedback on how the leader is perceived by observers in terms of leadership effectiveness.

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Leadership 360® collects data on both areas and has conducted extensive research using this data. This research clearly shows that observers do not always agree on the level of effectiveness of an individual leader, neither do they always agree on what leadership attributes need to be demonstrated in order to consider a leader effective.

Without gathering both sets of data, it might be tempting to assume that what bosses think is important is the same thing as what direct reports and peers think is important. However, this is often not the case.

The Leadership Impact report is extracted from the LEA report and uses all the research from MRG to make a judgement on leadership. The report provides criteria for assessing effectiveness in business, with people and overall and offers development activities to increase your leadership effectiveness.