Organisational focus is now moving to developing talent where fast tracking methods parallel individual learning and resources are focussed more efficiently and effectively.

Our new process called PERFORMANCE+ is about EFFECTIVENESS and the ability to differentiate between average and exceptional performance. The focus moves to assessment. Assessment and evaluation becomes the focus to enable decisions to be made with individuals over the allocation of the organisation’s resources.

Using the diagnostics, the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis, the Leadership Impact report and the Personal Directions report we can work with individuals, teams and companies to define effectiveness in their context and to understand what people do, think and believe which makes them even more effective.

A recent study of high potential leaders in Europe conducted by Management Research Group using the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360 degree in which 595 individuals rated as “unlimited” potential were rated against 4642 who were related below this category. The results are itemised opposite.

performance plus

Using the Leadership Impact Report we can also define the competency characteristics of High Performers.

High-Potential and Non High-Potentials on Competencies