3L Life Long Learning’s mission is to make a difference in the world by realising performance with demonstrated return on investment through released potential.

A global track record in leading edge leadership development with people.

A significantly insightful, immediate and analytical approach to working with people built on 30 years experience of people development.

A range of diagnostics on leadership, talent management and learning development and performance which are well researched, internationally renowned and offer a focused analysis of leadership, learning and career development.

A process which works with you on your real life issues, is engaging and involving and ends in a tailor made developmental plan which is owned by you the learner.

The combination of diagnostics including the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis®, Leadership Impact Report and the Personal Directions Inventory®, the Emotional Competence Inventory® offers an in-depth understanding of both leadership behaviour and the inner emotional drives which make your leadership authentic.

A unique combination of the Strategic Directions™, the Learning Transfer Systems Inventory® and the Transferlogix® process provides organisations with the complete leadership development process from defining leadership behaviours which deliver the business strategy, to using the 360 degree LEA to describe existing practices, to designing focussed and turbo charged developmental programmes, and to evaluating performance change in a minimum period of six months with a calculated return on investment.

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Mike Smith – Managing Director

Mike is a both a Director of 3L Life Long Learning and LTSGlobal. He is currently working with companies world-wide in both multinational and multicultural environments. He has extensive and intensive experience of human, organisational and executive development. He has worked with Management Centre for Europe and Turkey for 18 years delivering high quality and volume programmes in “Personal Impact and Influence”, “Leadership” and “Coaching for High Performance”.

  • Master Trainer for the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis
  • Facilitator for Hay Group Emotional Competence Inventory
  • A Certified Practitioner in NLP
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (Social Sciences)
  • a Postgraduate Certificate of Education
  • an Advanced Diploma in Guidance and Counselling

Working in the private and public sectors he has consulted with organisations on human and organisational developmental, and delivered strategic leadership development processes and programmes globally.

He works with global companies such as Barclays Capital, Union Bank of Switzerland, Compaq Computers, Amadeus, Philip Morris, Aros Serono, Stora Enso, Proton, Panafon, the Hellenic Bottling Company, BIC razors, the European Space Observatory, Chiron Vaccines, the Swedish Management Association, and Management Centre Turkey and Europe. In addition he is one of the few world-wide associate consultants with Management Research Group in Boston and Dublin.

He has worked with clients in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Dubai, the Ukraine, Turkey, the United States, Australia, the Middle East and South Africa.

Previous clients have included VF Corporation (producers of Wrangler/Lee jeans), Tioxide, Hawksmere, and the most foundation trust hospitals in the North East of England in the National Health.

Working with executives and middle managers his specialisms are in the area of Leadership, Personal Impact and Influence, Coaching and Emotional Intelligence. Within these areas he offers a combination of diagnostic consultancy, organisational and human alignment and development programmes.

Using one of the key diagnostics designed by the group he has worked with a number of companies to analyse the unique combination of leadership behaviours: behaviours which an organisation requires to deliver business success both now and in the future. He has defined the gap between the future leadership and current leadership practices; designed learning interventions to bridge the gap and evaluated their impact on performance.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant Mike spent eight years working with Tioxide Huntsman as Group Human Resources manager. With responsibility for fifteen and a half thousand people world-wide he designed and delivered a cultural change programme. He developed a competency framework from Directors to Apprentices and established job family matching throughout the company’s reward structure.

Before working with Tioxide he worked with the Counselling and Career Development Unit, and Lifeskills Associates at Leeds University, Department of Psychology.

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Lesley Hunter

Recognised as an authority on authentic leadership and keynote speaker at a range of international conferences and events. Lesley’s focus is now exclusively on working with clients to undertake behavioural change and develop effective authentic leaders in their organisations – also working with individual leaders to support their personal and behavioural development.

  • Module leader for ‘Managing Innovation’ on MBA and MSc programme in UK and Hong Kong (Napier University)
  • Founder and managing director of an educational inspection, training and consultancy business with 120 staff and multi-million pound turnover in UK (1994 – 2006).
  • The business grew to become one of the UK’s largest inspection contracting agencies and became a national accredited trainer for Ofsted.
  • She was instrumental in planning, delivering and quality assuring continuing professional development for inspectors, and introducing training for new inspectors, school leaders, local authority officers and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate (HMI).
  • Worked with over 2,000 schools and a key aspect was on developing and supporting middle managers into leadership roles, and on providing them with the tools and strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of their own work.
  • Lesley also owned and ran an ILM approved training centre delivering Leadership & Management and Coaching & Mentoring qualifications up to Level 5 Diploma, by a combined distance learning and executive coaching approach.

Since 1997

  • Author of several books on the topic of leadership and the personal and behavioural development of leaders.
  • Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association UKI and member of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF).

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Carolyn Dare

Learning Transfer Consultant, Management Trainer in Change/Team Building, Executive Coach, Virtual Community Designer, Online Facilitator, IT Platform / Website Architect

Carolyn for the past 6 years (with 3L/LTS Global/TetraLD), has partnered with organisations, consultants and training companies to support their work in learning transfer and increase performance and behavioural change in people, ensuring that a higher % of learning is transferred into the job, changing behaviour (tracked and measured). Supplying hard data (from online tools) on the behavioural change and a final ROI measurement on the people investment.

For the past 2 years she has also worked with MCE (Management Centre Europe, Brussels) to create and run an event (#MCE55) celebrating their 55 years in learning and development across Europe and the Middle East.

Carolyn for the past 20 years has been developing various online tools, Assessment and Evaluation tools for people at different organisational levels involved in Project Management, Elearning programmes, Websites, virtual learning community/innovation platforms.

With 3L Life Long Learning she has just started a new venture in developing an App to support Empowered Achievers. The App will give people feedback on where their potential personal barriers may lie in applying their on the job/formal learning. The App will also give feedback and highlight, where there may be barriers to transferring learning from managers, peers, teams and in the work environment. It will offer practical support in a variety of easy to use tools and videos, which will help solve some of their challenges whilst bringing more self awareness and increasing consciousness.